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In 1995 the Kingsfield centre for Physiotherapy (KCP) was started by Kate Hine & Alex Frater, after a combined 30 plus years of working in the NHS.  In its formative years the clinic was just 2 small rooms at the side of Kate's house in Kingsfield Road, hence the name!  At that time they were servicing 3 GP contracts, both within the GP surgery and at KCP, as well as private clients. 

In 1997 they employed physiotherapists Anna McCann & Faye Spencer-Williams.  It soon became apparent that the clinic was too small!

In 2002 after a few years searching for the correct premises they moved to the current location in Chalk Hill.  Anna became the third partner at that time.

Over the years the clinic has continued to grow.  There are now 6 physiotherapists  servicing 6 GP contracts and many private clients.  As well as physiotherapy, also available on site are private sports medicine & private GP  consultations;  acupuncture; pilates classes; pre and post natal care (including Pilates); Counselling & CBT; reflexology; massage (including MLD - manual lymphatic drainage & aromatherapy); naturopathy & herbalism.

The clinic celebrates it's 21st birthday later this year!

Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm   
Fri                9am-5pm
Sat               9am-1pm

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